Decades of experience in the tyre sector

Dimea has grown based on decades of experience in the international tyre sector. Business Managers Gilbert Gaukema and Chris Leysen built up an extremely successful tyre centre in the Kempen region of Antwerp as from 1980. They also started to import and export tyres as from the mid-1990s. With Dimea, they are focusing entirely on the tyre wholesale market since a few years including import and export services.

The great strength of Dimea is vested in the decades of experience and personal service of both Business Managers. If you are looking for a specific type of tyre in a specific dimension, you will often receive a clear reply with a competitive price the same working day or the next working day at the latest.

Dimea will not have any trouble in finding the tyre that you are looking for in 99% of cases. You can choose from the following with regard to shipment: we either arrange everything or you take charge of this. We will deliver within the week.

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