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Are you looking for specific tyres for a lorry, truck, forklift truck, mine clearing vehicle, bulldozer, car, tractor or some other vehicle?

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We buy new tyres worldwide without middlemen and used tyres come from all over Europe. We will always have the cheapest solution in-house because of our thorough knowledge of the international tyre market and our more than 30 years of experience in the tyre sector.

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Fast delivery guaranteed

You can count on fast delivery of your ordered tyres because of our wide stock and our very many contacts in the tyre sector worldwide. Your order will, in many cases, leave to your delivery address within the week. We can also arrange all shipping services including overseas if required.


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As a worldwide importer and exporter of a very large range of tyres, we supply customers on a national and international level.

We sell tyres to tyre centres in Belgium traders, second-hand dealers from Africa, exporters of used vehicles, etc

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